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Figure 18-12: Two fields are used for row labels.
Following are some tips on other pivot table modifications that you can make:
• To remove a field from the pivot table, select it in the bottom part of the PivotTable Field task pane and drag
it away.
• If an area has more than one field, you can change the order in which the fields are listed by dragging the
field names. Doing so determines how nesting occurs and affects the appearance of the pivot table.
• To temporarily remove a field from the pivot table, remove the check mark from the field name in the top
part of the PivotTable Field task pane. The pivot table is redisplayed without that field. Place the check
mark back on the field name, and it appears in its previous section.
• If you add a field to the Filters section, the field items appear in a drop-down list, which allows you to filter
the displayed data by one or more items. Figure 18-13 shows an example. I dragged the Date field to the
Filters area. The pivot table is now showing the data only for a single day (which I selected from the drop-
down list).
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