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Figure 18-17: This pivot table counts the number of accounts that fall into each value range.
When I initially added the Amount field to the Rows section, the pivot table showed a row for each unique dol-
lar amount. To group the values, I right-clicked one of the amounts and chose Group from the shortcut menu.
Then I used Excel's Grouping dialog box to set up bins of $5,000 increments. Note that the Grouping dialog box
does not appear if you select more than one Row label.
The second instance of the Amount field (in the Values section) is summarized by Count. I right-clicked a value
and chose Summarize Data By Count.
I added another instance of Amount to the Values section, and I set it up to display the percentage. I right-
clicked a value in column C and chose Show Values As % of Column Total. This option is also available on
the Show Values As tab of the Value Field Settings dialog box.
Question 5
What types of accounts do tellers open most often?
The pivot table in Figure 18-18 shows that the most common account opened by tellers is a checking account.
• The AcctType field is in the Rows section.
• The OpenedBy field is in the Filters section.
• The Amount field is in the Values section (summarized by Count).
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