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Figure 18-21: A pivot table before creating groups of states.
The goal is to create two groups of states: Western Region (Arizona, California, and Washington) and Eastern
Region (Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania). One solution is to add a new column (Region) to the
data table and enter the Region for each row. In this case, it's easier to create groups directly in the pivot table.
To create the first group, I held the Ctrl key while selecting Arizona, California, and Washington. Then I right-
clicked and chose Group from the shortcut menu. I repeated the operation to create the second group. Then I re-
placed the default group names (Group 1 and Group 2) with more meaningful names (Eastern Region and
Western Region). Figure 18-22 shows the result of the grouping.
You can create any number of groups and even create groups of groups.
The workbook used in this example is available at this topic's website. The file is
named employee list.xlsx.
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