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In addition, try various PivotTable Styles, with options for banded rows or banded columns. Often, the style that
you choose can greatly enhance readability.
Figure 18-23 shows pivot tables using various options for displaying subtotals, grand totals, and styles.
Figure 18-23: Pivot tables with options for subtotals and grand totals.
Automatic grouping examples
When a field contains numbers, dates, or times, Excel can create groups automatically by assigning each item to
a bin. The two examples in this section demonstrate automatic grouping.
Grouping by date
Figure 18-24 shows a portion of a simple table with two fields: Date and Sales. This table has 730 rows of data
and covers the dates between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2013. The goal is to summarize the sales in-
formation by month.
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