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Figure 1-10: Select which elements to protect in the Protect Sheet dialog box.
You can also hide your formulas so they won't appear in the Excel Formula bar when the cell is activated. To do
so, select the formula cells and press Ctrl+1 to display the Format Cells dialog box. Click the Protection tab and
make sure that the Hidden check box is selected.
Protecting a workbook's structure
When you protect a workbook's structure, you can't add or delete sheets. Use the Review Changes Protect
Workbook command to display the Protect Structure and Windows dialog box. Make sure that you enable the
Structure check box.
Keep in mind that Excel is not really a secure application. The protection features, even
when used with a password, are intended to prevent casual users from accessing vari-
ous components of your workbook. Anyone who really wants to defeat your protection
can probably do so by using readily available password-cracking utilities.
Password-protecting a workbook
In addition to protecting individual sheets and the structure of the workbook, you can require a password to
open the workbook. To set a password, choose File Info Protect Workbook Encrypt With Password to dis-
play the Encrypt Document dialog box (see Figure 1-11). In this dialog box, you can specify a password to open
the workbook.
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