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The pivot table is simple:
• The Score field is in the Rows section (grouped).
• Another instance of the Score field is in the Values section (summarized by Count).
The Grouping dialog box that generated the bins specified that the groups start at 1 and end at 100, in incre-
ments of 10.
By default, Excel does not display items with a count of zero. In this example, no test
scores are below 21, so the 1–10 and 11–20 items are hidden. To display items that have
no data, choose PivotTable Tools Options Active Field Field Settings. In the Field
Settings dialog box, click the Layout & Print tab. Then select the Show Items with No
Data check box.
Figure 18-31 shows the frequency distribution of the test scores, along with a pivot chart, created by choosing
PivotTable Tools Options Tools PivotChart.
Figure 18-31: The pivot table and pivot chart shows the frequency distribution for the test scores.
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