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A workbook that demonstrates calculated fields and items is available at this topic's
website. The file is named calculated fields and items.xlsx.
Figure 18-33 shows a pivot table created from the data. This pivot table shows Sales (Values area), cross-tabu-
lated by Month (Rows area) and by SalesRep (Columns area).
Figure 18-33: This pivot table was created from the sales data.
The examples that follow create
• A calculated field, to compute average sales per unit
• Four calculated items, to compute the quarterly sales commission
Creating a calculated field
Because a pivot table is a special type of range, you can't insert new rows or columns within the pivot table,
which means that you can't insert formulas to perform calculations with the data in a pivot table. However, you
can create calculated fields for a pivot table. A calculated field consists of a calculation that can involve other
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