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Figure 18-40: Using a slicer to filter a pivot table by state.
Filtering Pivot Tables with a Timeline
A timeline is conceptually similar to a slicer, but this control is designed to simplify time-based filtering in a
pivot table.
Timelines are new to Excel 2013.
A timeline is relevant only if your pivot table has a field formatted as a date. This feature does not work with
times. To add a timeline, select a cell in a pivot table and choose Insert Filter Timeline. Excel displays a dia-
log box that lists all date-based fields. If your pivot table doesn't have a field formatted as a date, Excel displays
an error.
Figure 18-41 shows a pivot table created from the data in columns A:E. This pivot table uses a timeline, set to
allow date filtering by quarters. Click a button that corresponds the quarter you want to view, and the pivot table
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