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is updated immediately. To select a range of quarters, press Shift while you click the first and last buttons in the
range. Other filtering options (selectable from the drop-down in the upper-right corner) are Year, Month, and
Day. In the figure, the pivot table displays data from the first two quarters of 2012.
A workbook that uses a timeline is available at this topic's website. The filename is
pivot table timeline.xlsx.
You can, of course, use both slicers and a timeline for a pivot table. A timeline has the same type of formatting
options as slicers, so you can create an attractive interactive dashboard that simplifies pivot table filtering.
Figure 18-41: Using a timeline to filter a pivot table by date.
Referencing Cells within a Pivot Table
In some cases, you may want to create a formula that references one or more cells within a pivot table. Figure
18-42 shows a simple pivot table that displays income and expense information for three years. In this pivot
table, the Month field is hidden, so the pivot table shows the year totals.
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