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Figure 18-48: These three tables will be used for a pivot table, using the Data Model.
The example in this section is available at this topic's website. The workbook is named
data model.xlsx.
Compared with a pivot table created from a single table, a pivot data created using the
Data Model has some restrictions. Most notably, you cannot create groups. In addition,
you cannot create calculated fields or calculated items.
The goal is to summarize sales by state, region, and year. Notice that the sales (and date) information is in the
Orders table, the state information is in the Customers table, and the region names are in the Regions table.
Therefore, all three tables will be used for this pivot table.
Start by creating a pivot table (in a new worksheet) from the Orders table. Select any cell within the table and
choose Insert Tables Pivot Tables. In the Create PivotTable dialog box, make sure you select the Add This
Data to the Data Model check box.
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