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Figure 18-52: This data will be used to create a pivot chart.
Figure 18-53 shows the pivot table created from the table. The Date field is in the Rows area, and the daily
dates have been grouped into months. The Region field is in the Columns area. The Sales field is in the Values
The pivot table is certainly easier to interpret than the raw data, but the trends would be easier to spot in a chart.
To create a pivot chart, select any cell in the pivot table and choose PivotTable Tools Ana-
lyze Tools PivotChart. Excel displays its Insert Chart dialog box, from which you can choose a chart type.
For this example, select a Line with Markers chart and then click OK. Excel creates the pivot chart shown in
Figure 18-54.
The chart makes it easy to see an upward sales trend for the Western division, a downward trend for the South-
ern division, and relatively flat sales for the Eastern division.
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