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Figure 19-8: This worksheet uses color scale conditional formatting to display daily temperatures.
This workbook, named extreme color scale.xlsx, is available at this topic's website. The
workbook contains a second example of extreme color scale.
Using icon sets
Yet another conditional formatting option is to display an icon in the cell. The icon displayed depends on the
value of the cell.
To assign an icon set to a range, select the cells and choose Home Styles Conditional Formatting Icon Sets.
Excel provides 20 icon sets to choose from. The number of icons in the sets ranges from three to five. You can-
not create a custom icon set.
An icon set example
Figure 19-9 shows an example that uses an icon set. The symbols graphically depict the status of each project,
based on the value in column C.
The icon set examples in this section are available at this topic's website. The work-
book is named icon set examples.xlsx.
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