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Figure 19-9: Using an icon set to indicate the status of projects.
By default, the symbols are assigned using percentiles. For a 3-symbol set, the items are grouped into three per-
centiles. For a 4-symbol set, they're grouped into four percentiles. And for a 5-symbol set, the items are grouped
into five percentiles.
If you would like more control over how the icons are assigned, choose Home Styles Conditional Format-
ting Icon Sets More Rules to display the New Formatting Rule dialog box. To modify an existing rule, choose
Home Styles Conditional Formatting Manage Rules. Then select the rule to modify and click the Edit Rule
button to display the Edit Formatting Rule dialog box.
Figure 19-10 shows how to modify the icon set rules such that only projects that are 100% completed get the
check mark icons. Projects that are 0% completed get the X icon. All other projects get no icon.
Figure 19-11 shows the project status list after making this change.
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