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Figure 2-2: This formula contains spaces and line breaks.
Formula limits
A formula can consist of up to about 8,000 characters. In the unlikely event that you need to create a formula
that exceeds this limit, you must break the formula up into multiple formulas. You also can opt to create a cus-
tom function by using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
Part VI focuses on creating custom functions.
Sample formulas
If you follow the preceding instructions for entering formulas, you can create a variety of formulas. This section
provides a look at some sample formulas.
• The following formula multiplies 150 × .01, returning 1.5. This formula uses only literal values, so it doesn't
seem very useful. However, it may be useful to show your work when you review your spreadsheet later.
• This formula adds the values in cells A1 and A2:
• The next formula subtracts the value in the cell named Expenses from the value in the cell named Income:
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