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The Excel data validation feature suffers from a potentially serious problem: If the user
copies a cell that does not use data validation and pastes it to a cell that does use data
validation, the data validation rules are deleted. In other words, the cell then accepts
any type of data. This has always been a problem, but Microsoft still hasn't fixed it in
Excel 2013.
Specifying Validation Criteria
To specify the type of data allowable in a cell or range, follow these steps while you refer to Figure 20-2, which
shows all three tabs of the Data Validation dialog box.
1. Select the cell or range.
2. Choose Data Data Tools Data Validation. Excel displays its Data Validation dialog box.
3. Click the Settings tab.
Figure 20-2: The three tabs of the Data Validation dialog box.
4. Choose an option from the Allow drop-down list. The contents of the Data Validation dialog box will
change, displaying controls based on your choice. To specify a formula, select Custom.
5. Specify the conditions by using the displayed controls. Your selection in Step 4 determines what other con-
trols you can access.
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