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mula control (which appears when you select the Custom option), or you can specify a cell reference that
contains a formula. This chapter contains examples of useful formulas.
The Settings tab of the Data Validation dialog box contains two other check boxes:
Ignore Blank: If selected, blank entries are allowed.
Apply These Changes to All Other Cells with the Same Setting: If selected, the changes you make apply
to all other cells that contain the original data validation criteria.
The Data Data Tools Data Validation drop-down list contains an item labeled Circle In-
valid Data. When you select this item, circles appear around cells that contain incorrect
entries. If you correct an invalid entry, the circle disappears. To get rid of the circles,
choose Data Data Tools Data Validation Clear Validation Circles. In Figure 20-3, inval-
id entries are defined as values that are less than 1 or greater than 100.
Figure 20-3: Excel can draw circles around invalid entries (in this case, cells that contain values less than 1 or
greater than 100).
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