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Creating a Drop-Down List
Perhaps one of the most common uses of data validation is to create a drop-down list in a cell. Figure 20-4
shows an example that uses the month names in A1:A12 as the list source.
Figure 20-4: This drop-down list (with an Input Message) was created using data validation.
To create a drop-down list in a cell:
1. Enter the list items into a single-row or single-column range. These items will appear in the drop-down list.
2. Select the cell that will contain the drop-down list and then access the Data Validation dialog box (choose
Data Data Tools Data Validation).
3. From the Settings tab, select the List option (from the Allow drop-down list) and specify the range that con-
tains the list, using the Source control. The range can be in a different worksheet, but must be in the same
4. Make sure that the In-Cell Dropdown check box is selected.
5. Set any other Data Validation options as desired.
6. Click OK. The cell displays an input message (if specified) and a drop-down arrow when it's activated.
Click the arrow and choose an item from the list that appears.
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