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Creating a megaformula basically involves copying formula text and pasting it into another formula. I start with
a relatively simple example. Examine the spreadsheet shown in Figure 21-1. This sheet uses formulas to calcu-
late mortgage loan information.
Figure 21-1: This spreadsheet uses multiple formulas to calculate mortgage loan information.
This workbook, named total interest.xlsx, is available at this topic's website.
The Result Cells section of the worksheet uses information entered into the Input Cells section and contains the
formulas shown in Table 21-1.
Table 21-1: Formulas Used to Calculate Total Interest
What It Does
C10 =C4*C5
Calculates the down payment amount
C11 =C4-C10
Calculates the loan amount
C12 =PMT(C7/12,C6,-C11) Calculates the monthly payment
C13 =C12*C6
Calculates the total payments
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