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Figure 21-4: These intermediate formulas will eventually be converted to a single megaformula.
This example, named position of last space.xlsx, is available at this topic's website.
You enter this multicell array formula into the entire B1:B12 range by selecting the range, typing the formula,
and pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter. Don't type the curly brackets. Excel adds the curly brackets to indicate an array
formula. This formula returns an array of 12 consecutive integers.
The range C1:C12 contains the following array formula:
This formula reverses the integers generated in column B.
The range D1:D12 contains the following array formula:
This formula uses the MID function to extract the individual characters in cell A1. The MID function uses the
array in C1:C12 as its second argument. The result is an array of the name's characters in reverse order.
The formula in cell E1 is as follows:
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