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This formula returns FALSE if the text in column A contains leading spaces, trailing spaces, or multiple spaces.
In this case, the word Dog in cell A2 contains a trailing space.
Figure 22-1: Using a formula to identify cells that contain extra space characters.
Formulas returning an error
A formula may return any of the following error values:
• #DIV/0!
• #N/A
• #NAME?
• #NULL!
• #NUM!
• #REF!
The following sections summarize possible problems that may cause these errors.
Excel allows you to choose how error values are printed. To access this feature, display
the Page Setup dialog box and click the Sheet tab. You can choose to print error values
as displayed (the default), or as blank cells, dashes, or #N/A. To display the Page Setup
dialog box, click the dialog box launcher in the Page Layout Page Setup group.
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