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You can also use Ctrl+` (the accent grave key, usually located above the Tab key) to
toggle between Formula view and Normal view.
Figure 22-9 shows an example of a worksheet displayed in two windows. The window on the top shows Normal
view (formula results), and the window on the bottom displays the formulas. The View Window View Side
by Side command, which allows synchronized scrolling, is also useful for viewing two windows.
When Formula view is in effect, Excel highlights the cells that are used by the formula in the active cell. In Fig-
ure 22-9, for example, the active cell is G9. The four cells used by this formula are highlighted in both win-
Figure 22-9: Displaying formulas (bottom window) and their results (top window).
Using the Inquire add-in
Some versions of Excel 2013 include a useful auditing add-in called Inquire. To install Inquire, choose File⇒Op-
tions to display the Excel Options dialog box. Click the Add-ins tab. At the bottom of the dialog box, choose COM
Add-ins from the Manage drop-down list, and click Go.
In the COM Add-Ins dialog box, place a checkmark next to Inquire Add-in and click OK. The add-in will be loaded
automatically when Excel starts. If Inquire is not listed, your version of Excel does not include the add-in.
Inquire is accessible from the Inquire tab on the Ribbon. You can use this add-in to
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