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You also can copy VBA code from other sources. For example, you may find a listing on a web page or in a
newsgroup. In such a case, you can select the text in your browser (or newsreader), copy it to the Clipboard, and
then paste it into a module.
Saving your project
As with any application, you should save your work frequently while working in the VB Editor. To do so, use
File Save xxxx (where xxxx is the name of the active workbook), press Ctrl+S, or click the Save button on the
standard toolbar.
When you save your project, you actually save your Excel workbook. By the same
token, if you save your workbook in Excel, you also save the changes made in the
workbook's VB project.
The VB Editor does not have a Save As command. If you save a workbook for the first time from the VB Edit-
or, you are presented with Excel's standard Save As dialog box. If you want to save your project with a different
name, you need to activate Excel and use Excel's Save As command.
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