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Figure 24-3: Excel's Insert Function dialog box displays a brief description of the selected function.
If you don't provide a description for your custom function, the Insert Function dialog
box displays the following text: No help available.
Here's a simple custom function that returns its argument, but with no spaces:
Function REMOVESPACES(txt)
REMOVESPACES = Replace(txt, “ “, “”)
End Function
The following steps describe how to provide a description for a custom function:
1. Create your function in the VB Editor.
2. Activate Excel and choose Developer Code Macros (or press Alt+F8).
The Macro dialog box lists available Sub procedures but not functions.
3. Type the name of your function in the Macro Name box.
Make sure that you spell it correctly.
4. Click the Options button to display the Macro Options dialog box.
If the Options button is not enabled, you probably spelled the function's name incorrectly.
5. Type the function description in the Description field (see Figure 24-4).
The Shortcut key field is irrelevant for functions.
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