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A copy of the workbook is saved (with an .xlam extension), and the original macro-enabled workbook
(.xlsm) remains open.
When you use functions that are stored in an add-in, Excel creates a link to that add-in
file. Therefore, if you distribute your workbook to someone else, they must also have a
copy of the linked add-in. Furthermore, the add-in must be stored in the exact same dir-
ectory because the links are stored with complete path references. As a result, the re-
cipient of your workbook may need to use the Data Connections Edit Links command
to change the source of the linked add-in.
After you create your add-in, you can install it by using the standard procedure:
1. Choose File Options, and click the Add-Ins tab.
2. Select Excel Add-ins from the Manage drop-down list.
3. Click Go. This will show the Add-Ins dialog box.
4. Click the Browse button in the Add-Ins dialog box.
5. Locate your *.xlam file.
6. Place a check mark next to the add-in name.
A much quicker way to display the Add-Ins dialog box is to press Alt+TI.
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