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ing, Excel always creates absolute cell references. If you plan to copy the formula to other cells, you must edit
the formula to make the references relative.
Opening a workbook with external reference formulas
When you open a workbook that contains links, Excel displays a dialog box that asks you what to do.
Update: The links are updated with the current information in the source file(s).
Don't Update: The links are not updated, and the workbook displays the previous values returned by the link for-
Help: The Excel Help screen displays so you can read about links.
What if you choose to update the links, but the source workbook is no longer available? If Excel can't locate a
source workbook that's referred to in a link formula, it displays its Edit Links dialog box. Click the Change Source
button to specify a different workbook or click the Break Link to destroy the link.
Working with links can be tricky and may cause some unexpected problems. For ex-
ample, if you use the File Save As command to make a backup copy of the source
workbook, you automatically change the link formulas to refer to the new file (not usu-
ally what you want). You can also mess up your links by renaming the source workbook
Copying or Moving Formulas
As you create a worksheet, you may find it necessary to copy or move information from one location to another.
Excel makes copying or moving ranges of cells easy. Here are some common things you might do:
Copy a cell to another location.
Copy a cell to a range of cells. The source cell is copied to every cell in the destination range.
Copy a range to another range. Both ranges must be the same size.
Move a range of cells to another location.
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