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About the Office Clipboard
Whenever you cut or copy information from a Windows program, Windows stores the information on the Windows
Clipboard, which is an area of your computer's memory. Each time that you cut or copy information, Windows re-
places the information previously stored on the Clipboard with the new information that you cut or copied. The
Windows Clipboard can store data in a variety of formats. Because Windows manages information on the Clip-
board, it can be pasted to other Windows applications, regardless of where it originated.
Microsoft Office has its own Clipboard (the Office Clipboard), which is available only in Office programs. To view
or hide the Office Clipboard, click the dialog launcher icon in the bottom-right corner of the Home⇒Clipboard
Whenever you cut or copy information in an Office program, such as Excel or Word, the program places the in-
formation on both the Windows Clipboard and the Office Clipboard. However, the program treats information on
the Office Clipboard differently than it treats information on the Windows Clipboard. Instead of replacing informa-
tion on the Office Clipboard, the program appends the information to the Office Clipboard. With multiple items
stored on the Clipboard, you can then paste the items either individually or as a group.
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