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The Office Clipboard has a serious problem that makes it virtually worthless for Excel users: If you copy a range
that contains formulas, the formulas are not transferred when you paste to a different range. Only the values are
pasted. Furthermore, Excel doesn't even warn you about this fact.
The primary difference between copying and moving a range is the effect of the operation on the source range.
When you copy a range, the source range is unaffected. When you move a range, the contents are removed from
the source range.
Copying a cell normally copies the cell's contents, any formatting that is applied to the
original cell (including conditional formatting and data validation), and the cell com-
ment (if it has one). When you copy a cell that contains a formula, the cell references in
the copied formulas are changed automatically to be relative to their new destination.
Copying or moving consists of two steps (although shortcut methods are available):
1. Select the cell or range to copy (the source range) and copy it to the Clipboard. To move the range instead
of copying it, cut the range rather than copying it.
2. Move the cell pointer to the range that will hold the copy (the destination range) and paste the Clipboard
When you paste information, Excel overwrites any cells that get in the way without
warning you. If you find that pasting overwrote some essential cells, choose Undo from
the Quick Access toolbar (or press Ctrl+Z).
When you copy a cell or range, Excel surrounds the copied area with an animated bor-
der. As long as that border remains animated, the copied information is available for
pasting. If you press Esc to cancel the animated border, Excel removes the information
from the Clipboard.
When you copy a range that contains formulas, the cell references in the formulas are adjusted. When you move
a range that contains formulas, the cell references in the formulas are not adjusted. This is almost always what
you want.
Making an Exact Copy of a Formula
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