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Figure 26-5: Examples of the SPELLDOLLARS function.
The SPELLDOLLARS function is too lengthy to list here, but you can view the complete
listing in spelldollars function.xlsm at this topic's website.
Counting Functions
Chapter 7 contains many formula examples to count cells based on various criteria. If you can't arrive at a
formula-based solution for a counting problem, then you can probably create a custom function. This section
contains three functions that perform counting.
This topic's website contains the workbook counting functions.xlsm that demonstrates
the functions in this section.
Counting pattern-matched cells
The COUNTIF function accepts limited wildcard characters in its criteria: the question mark and the asterisk, to
be specific. If you need more robust pattern matching, you can use the LIKE operator in a custom function.
Function COUNTLIKE(rng As Range, pattern As String) As Long
Count the cells in a range that match a pattern
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