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NEXTMONDAY2 = d + 8 – WeekDay(d, vbMonday)
End If
End Function
Calculating the next day of the week
The following NEXTDAY function is a variation on the NEXTMONDAY function. This function accepts two
arguments: A date and an integer between 1 and 7 that represents a day of the week (1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday,
and so on). The NEXTDAY function returns the date for the next specified day of the week.
Function NEXTDAY(d As Date, day As Integer) As Variant
Returns the next specified day
Make sure day is between 1 and 7
If day < 1 Or day > 7 Then
NEXTDAY = d + 8 – WeekDay(d, day)
End If
End Function
The NEXTDAY function uses an If statement to ensure that the day argument is valid (that is, between 1 and 7).
If the day argument is not valid, the function returns #N/A. Because the function can return a value other than a
date, it is declared as type Variant.
Which week of the month?
The following MONTHWEEK function returns an integer that corresponds to the week of the month for a date:
Function MONTHWEEK(d As Date) As Variant
‘ Returns the week of the month for a date
Dim FirstDay As Integer
‘ Check for valid date argument
If Not IsDate(d) Then
Exit Function
End If
‘ Get first day of the month
FirstDay = WeekDay(DateSerial(Year(d), Month(d), 1))
‘ Calculate the week number
MONTHWEEK = Application.RoundUp((FirstDay + day(d) – 1) /
7, 0)
End Function
Working with dates before 1900
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