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4. Press Enter or Esc to cancel paste mode.
You can also take advantage of a drop-down control that shows paste options. In Step 3 in the preceding list,
press Ctrl+V to paste. A drop-down list appears at the lower-right corner of the range. Click and select one of
the Paste Values icons (see Figure 2-6).
Figure 2-6: Choosing a paste option after pasting data.
Converting formulas to values is very useful when you use formulas as a means to convert cells. For example,
assume that you have a list of names (in uppercase) in column A. You want to convert these names to proper
case. In order to do so, you need to create formulas in a separate column; then convert the formulas to values
and replace the original values in column A. The following steps illustrate how to do this:
1. Insert a new column after column A.
2. Insert the following formula into cell B1:
3. Copy the formula down column B to accommodate the number of entries in column A.
Column B then displays the values in column A, but in proper case.
4. Select all the names in column B.
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