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Figure 3-1: The Name Manager dialog box.
To display the Name Manager, choose Formulas Defined Names Name Manager. Within this dialog box, you
can view, create, edit, and delete names. In the Name Manager main window, you can see the current value of
the name, what the name refers to, the scope of the name, and any comments that you've written to describe the
name. The names are sortable, and the columns are resizable, allowing you to see your names in many different
ways. If you use a lot of names, you can also apply some predefined filters to view only the names that interest
Note that the Name Manager dialog box is resizable. Drag the lower-right corner to make it wider or taller.
Creating names
The Name Manager contains a New button for creating new names. The New button displays the New Name
dialog box, as shown in Figure 3-2.
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