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The Name box serves double-duty by also providing a quick way to activate a named cell or range. To select a
named cell or range, click the Name box and choose the name, as shown in Figure 3-3. This selects the named
cell or range. Oddly, the Name box does not have a keyboard shortcut. In other words, you can't access the
Name box by using the keyboard; you must use the mouse. After you click the Name box, however, you can use
the direction keys and Enter to choose a name.
Notice that the Name box is resizable. To make the Name box wider, just click the three vertical dots icon to the
right of the Name box, and drag it to the right. The Name box shares space with the Formula bar, so if you make
the Name box wider, the Formula bar gets narrower.
Figure 3-3: The Name box provides a quick way to select a named cell or range.
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