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Borderline Command
Figure 4–10. The Font tab in the Format Cells dialog box
You’ll discover a couple of other underline options when you click the down arrow beneath Underline.
A n d i f y ou wa n t to se e wha t Str i k e thr oug h, Supe r scr i pt, a n d Subscr i pt do, j ust se l e ct a ce l l (s) wi th da ta ,
turn on the above dialog box, click the commands, and observe what happens in the preview pane.
Strikethrough draws a line through the selected data in their cells, Superscript raises it (as per the 2 in
E=MC 2 ), and Subscript sinks the data in a cell, as with the 2 in CO 2 .
Borderline Command
Continuing our sweep across the formatting buttons gathered in the Font group, we’ve reached a
button which, if you want to be technical about it, really doesn’t impact fonts directly—the border
button (Figure 4–11):
Figure 4–11. The cell Border option
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