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Borderline Command
But that doesn’t detract from its usefulness, however. The border button draws lines, or borders,
around cells , and not the characters entered in those cells. Borders are often applied around groups of
numbers in order to call proper attention to them. You’re viewing the default border setting above,
called simply Bottom Border , and simplicity notwithstanding, a bit of explanation is required. If you
select a range of cells and click the Bottom Border setting you see above, a border will be drawn only
along the bottom border of the last , or bottom cell; that is, all you’ll see is one horizontal border lining
the very lowest cell in the range—and not the bottom border of every cell you’ve selected. In other
words, if you select nine cells and click the bottom border button you won’t see this (Figure 4–12):
Figure 4–12. Don’t expect to see this when you select the Bottom Border option down a range of cells
Instead, you’ll see this (Figure 4–13):
Figure 4–13. Surprise—only one bottom border, drawn at the bottom of all the nine selected cells
because the border options do their work by default on the outer borders of a selected range , tha t’ s
all, not the internal borders of the cells (the ones inside the range). And if you click the drop-down
arrow alongside the button (Figure 4–14):
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