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Borderline Command
Selecting Draw Border Grid also calls up that pencil (duly sharpened) to the screen, and lets you
draw lines around all the borders of any range of cells. And if you want, you can drag the pencil down
only one column border, or only the lower border of cells. Thus, you can use Draw Border Grid to
produce a border like this (Figure 4–18):
Figure 4–18. Reading between the line: a single line, drawn with the pencil tool
Erase Border will, when clicked, restyle the mouse pointer into an eraser . Once it’s in view, you can
click the eraser on any particular border line and the line will disappear. You can click on i n di v i dual
bor de r l i n e s or drag over a series of borders; either way, when the mouse is released the lines vanish.
Again, to turn the eraser off, press Esc (Figure 4–19):
Figure 4–19. The Eraser tool
Line Color is really a subtle variation on Draw Border Grid. Click the command, select your color
(Figure 4–20):
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