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Borderline Command
You’re getting the idea. By then clicking the various line options surrounding the Text image you
can border the selected cells; and while this option doesn’t offer much more than what you’re getting
in the other border-drawing options, you do have those diagonals. If I click a diagonal, I’ll see, by way
of preview (Figure 4–27):
Figure 4–27. A new angle on borders
Click OK and you get this effect (Figure 4–28):
Figure 4–28. Angled lines, as per the dialog box preview
Odd but interesting, and you may be able to conjure a use for it.
The final two Font Group buttons, Fill and Font Color , respectively, are popular ones (Figure 4–29):
Figure 4–29. Two classic buttons: Fill and Font Color
When clicked, the Fill button colors any cells you’ve selected from a set of options presented in this
drop-down menu (Figure 4– 30)
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