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Borderline Command
Figure 4–30. Standard Fill color options
It’s very easy. Note you can remove any fill color by selecting the cells in question and clicking No
Fill. You can also fill-color empty cells, that is, cells currently containing no data. Clicking More Colors
yields a beehive of additional hues (Figure 4–31):
Figure 4–31. A beehive of color activity
Click the Custom Color tab an d y ou can e n te r v ar i ous n ume r i c col or v al ue s an d add n uan ce d
shadings to your tints. I’m still having trouble with ROYGBIV, though.
And befitting its name, Font Color serves up a nearly identical drop-down color menu, this time
enabling you to change the color of the data you’ve entered in selected cells— not the color of the cells
themselves (Figure 4–32):
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