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Getting Oriented
Figure 4–32. Standard font colors
Note, however, that the above menu also offers an Automatic color option; click it and you return
the data to the default black font color. A More Colors option is likewise provided here, as well as a
Custom color option.
Getting Oriented
The next group in the Home tab is called Alignment , and Alignment commands are likewise
considered formatting. These enable you to position, and reposition, the data you’ve entered in their
cells (Figure 4–33):
Figure 4–33. The Alignment button group
The lower-left buttons in the group are rather simple and commonly used, and bring about left,
center, and right alignments of the data in the cells you click. That is, click the left alignment button
an d data wi l l be shun te d to the l e ft bor de r of the ce l l . (Of cour se , te xt i s l e ft- al i g n e d by de faul t.) Cl i ck
the center button, and any data are situated in the middle of their respective cells (Figure 4–34):
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