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Figure 4–39. Modulating row heights
I can then modulate the height of all the selected rows at the same—and they’ll all exhibit the
same, new height.
So to achieve the row height you see in Figure 4–40—brought about in cell A10—I simply dragged
down on the l owe r boun dar y by the 10 (Fi g ur e 4– 40):
Figure 4–40. Cell A10, now heightened
And once I’ve engineered the desired height I then clicked the Top Align button—and you get your
top-of-the-cell number. Of course as always I can heighten the row first, click Top Align, and then
enter the number. The sequence of clicks doesn’t matter here.
Now you’ll recall my flippant aside about 48-degree text, the one I threw out on the opening page
of this chapter. Well, if you need or want something like that, look here (Figure 4–41):
Figure 4–41. The Orientation Button
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