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The effect is clear. Excel treats the selected range as a single space—in essence as one big cell,
even though each cell retains its own identity— and centers the data accordingly. You may want to
contrast this with the Merge & Center command coming up soon.
Of the five Vertical Alignment drop-down options in our dialog box (Figure 4– 57),
Figure 4–57. Vertical cell alignment options
the first three— Top, Bottom and Center —are clones of the Vertical Alignment buttons we’ve already
seen in the Alignment Group. The other two— Justify and Distributed —attempt to realize the same
effects as their similarly-named Horizontal options, but to appreciate how they work you need to
tinker with column widths and text length. Here are two examples (Figures 4–58 and 4–59):
Figure 4–58. Vertically distributed text
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