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Time Is On Your Side—Yes It Is
Note here I can choose the way in which I want negative numbers to appear—in red, accompanied
by a minus sign (the default), or featuring both elements. The Use 1000 Separator option simply allows
you to decide if you want your numbers to utilize a comma when it tops 999. The Date ca te g or y
augments the Short Date and Long Date possibilities (Figure 4–81):
Figure 4–81. Date formatting options
(Note the discussion about asterisks, too. What it means is that only the asterisked formats are tied
directly to the settings in your computer, meaning in turn that 3/14/2001 in the States would
necessarily appear as 14/03/2001 in the UK. The other, asterisk-free options can be selected on any
compute r .)
And Time does the same—broadening the number of ways in which a time can appear in a cell
(Figure 4–82):
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