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A New Kind of Copy—and Paste
The final option, Custom , entitles the user to adjust the appearance of numbers with user-defined
embellishments. This option looks rather forbidding, but let’s demonstrates just one Custom
possibility. We’ve seen that a stand-alone decimal appears this way, by default:
If you want to excise the leading zero so that you’ll see .28 in the cell (or any range of cells)
instead, you can turn to Custom and adjust accordingly, like this, after you’ve entered 0.28 in any cell:
Click Custom.
Click this option in the Type field:
The 0.00 appears as follows (Figure 4–85):
Figure 4–85. Removing the leading zero in a value
Delete the first zero, so you’re seeing .00. The sample should display .28.
Click OK.
The cell is thus revised to exhibit decimals without the leading zero. Other customizations are
more complex, but you get the idea.
A New Kind of Copy—and Paste
Formatting is portable. That is, if you copy a cell or a range of cells, all their associated formatting
comes along for the ride to the destination cells. But there are times when you may want to copy only
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