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A New Kind of Copy—and Paste
Figure 4–93. Another route to the Format Painter
which is called simply Formatting , is nothing but an equivalent of the Format Painter button.
And check out a new feature of the Paste button collection, debuting with Excel 2010: when you
copy a source cell and select your destination cells, and then rest your mouse over any of the Paste
Special buttons (without yet clicking), the destination cells exhibit that button’s formatting effects in
preview fashion before you click, so you know what you’re going to get.
And there’s still another wa y to copy ce l l for ma ts, on e whi ch we poi n te d to i n cha pte r 2 but di dn ’ t
discuss. When we execute a fill—the technique that allows us to copy a set of numbers in fixed intervals
by dragging the fill handle, e.g., the interval shown in Figure 4–94:
Figure 4–94. Selecting an interval of 4 to be filled down a range
it will yield this (Figure 4–95):
Figure 4–95. Note the Smart Tag
If you go on to click that Smart Tag (pointed to by the arrow above), the options include (Figure 4–96):
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