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Style Setter
What we see here, then, is a Fill Series variation on the Format Painter. (Note: if you want to wipe
cells clean of all new formatting and return them the original, default General format, select those
ce l l s a n d cl i ck Home the Editing button group Clear Clear Formats.)
Style Setter
Now if you’re in need of a little cell format design inspiration, you can call upon the Cell Styles options
waiting behind the drop-down arrow in the Styles button group (Figure 4—99):
Figure 4–99. The Cell Styles Button
Select the cells you want to format and click Cell Styles, and you’ll be ushered into this storehouse
of pre-fab formats: (Figure 4–100):
Figure 4–100. Cell style options
Click any of the above formats and its style, as previewed above, will be transported to the
selected cells. And note the New Cell Style option in the lower left of the dialog box. When clicked it
enables you to format cells as you wish and save that format under a name, so that you can retrieve the
customized style when you need it. Thus if I click on B6 and its garish, 18-point Bookman Old Style
green, underlined, centered mix of formatting, and then click Cell Styles: New Cell Styles, I’ll meet up
with this dialog box (Figure 4–101):
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