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Formatting—With Conditions
Figure 4–110. Where to higlight duplicate values in a range
But if you want to go ahead and remove those duplicate values once you track them down—well,
no; you can’t get there from here, because Conditional Formatting is, its bells and whistles
notwithstanding, a formatting technique, and as such doesn’t “do” anything to the data. If you really do
need to winnow those duplicates, you’ll have to resort to some other approach, one that actually
impacts the data. (And yes—we’ve omitted the More Rules options—that one’s coming up shortly).
The Top/Bottom Rules section (Figure 4—-):
Figure 4–111. Top/Bottom Rules
is no less easy to master. Top 10 Items… allows you to format the top X items in your range, the
choice of number vested with you (Figure 4–112):
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