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Formatting—With Conditions
Figure 4–112. Where to highlight the top—or bottom—tier of a range of values
It goes without saying, then, that “Top 10” isn’t literal; you can designate the top 20, etc.
Bottom 10 Items offers the opposite choice, enabling you to format the lowest X values in a range.
The Top and Bottom 10% options ask you to format you highest/lowest values in percentage te r ms, e .g .,
the highest or lowest 15% of all test scores (Figure 4–113):
Figure 4–113. Playing the percentages: Where to format highest or lowest values in percent terms
Above and Below Average mean what they say—they format all scores that rise above or fall
beneath the average of the numbers in the range you’ve selected (Figure 4–114):
Figure 4–114. Above and Below Average formatting options
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