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Formatting—With Conditions
And to anticipate your next question: values that turn out to be exactly average are excluded from
both Above or Below Average; that is, in neither case are average values subject to any Conditional
The next collection of options— Data Bars —works differently (Figure 4–115):.
Figure 4–115. Data Bar options
Data Bars offers 12 options, but they all work in the same way, distinguished only by the colors
and textures they use. Each Data Bar possibility draws a mini-bar chart in the cell of each value,
capturing its magnitude relative to the other values in a range. It’s easy to implement: just select a
range, and click on one of the Data Bar options. I’ve clicked on the first option, and have come up with
this (Figure 4–116):
Figure 4–116. Data Bars: a mini-chart in each formatted cell
Color Scales capture relative disparities in values by characterizing them with color gradations,
either in two or three basic initial colors (Figure 4–117):
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