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The Stuff Of Legend— Charting in Excel
Figure 5–1. Tourist figures for popular cities—data ripe for charting
both 2006 and 2007 qualify as data series—but if we stand the data on their side, as we shall see, London,
Hong Kong, and all the other city names could serve as series instead (and no, I’ve never been to Antalya,
either). Data points are the individual data items belonging to a series. Thus 15,637.10 is a data point in
the 2006 series.
To actually produce a chart:
Click anywhere among the data you want to chart (a point that needs to be
Click the Insert tab, and select from this roster of chart types (Figure 5-2):
Figure 5–2. Chart options
Then click any chart type’s down arrow and choose one of the chart variants in
that type, and that’s it, at least for starters. By carrying out the above sequence,
my tourist data could come out looking like this—depending on the chart I
choose, of course (Figure 5-3):
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