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Resizing the Chart
Figure 5–9. Captioned information about the data represented by each column
A couple of other definitions need to be introduced here. The Chart Area is the larger background of
the chart, indicated by the arrow at the right of the screen shot above, in Figure 5-9. The Plot Area is the
smaller, rectangular space in which the chart itself is actually positioned, evidenced by the gridlines
above and the left arrow. And you can easily move the chart by clicking the chart arrow, and dragging the
chart wherever you wish on the worksheet. You’ll know you’re in the Chart Area—or any other segment
of the chart, for that matter—by simply resting your mouse over that element and viewing the
identifying caption.
Resizing the Chart
You can also resize the chart by clicking on any one of the chart’s eight resize handles, represented on
the chart’s border by these dots (Figure 5-10):
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