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The Line Chart
Note the Vertical Axis; every student “scores” 100%, because his/her particular set of scores is
regarded as a whole. We see here that Derek’s low grade of 45 on exam 3 contributes a small green bar to
his total, but all his grades “add up” to 100%. Exotic it is, but the 100% Stacked Chart could be well
applied to a look at the proportions of various types of household expenses contributing to various
families’ budgets.
The Line Chart
The Line chart type is a best seller, too, and is particularly adept at conveying change in a category, e.g., a
ballplayer’s batting averages across his career or a person’s weight across a series of scale
measurements. While in theory this type would be well applied to our test data, there are too many
students in the mix, and thus our line chart presents itself with this tangle (Figure 5-17):
Figure 5–17. Lining up students’ grades: Not a pretty picture
Ready to slap that one on your boss’s desk? Only you can answer that question.
On the other hand, because it features only two data series, the tourist data might be a more suitable
candidate for a Line chart (Figure 5-18):
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